What’s Up Must Come Down.

I have been working on a bunch of projects lately. Since I have very little feedback (while being immensely grateful for the feedback that I do get) I have honestly no idea whether there’s a user base out there. On the off chance that there is, I’ll just keep going. Hey, what’s the worst that can happen, right? What do you mean, lose a lot of money and waste everybody’s time? Oh, that.

Anyway, first there are the books. There are three of them and — Me Willing — there will be more in the future.

Then there’s the smartphone testing app. That one seems to have taken off. Just kidding. It’s called Ugly Heads 401, which I think is a pretty cool name. Or it would be if it had an actual app behind it.

Of course, there’s also Bee’s Knees English Social Club or whatever it is that I call my English classes at this point in time.

Before I forget, I have started a podcast. It’s not really a podcast per se, it’s more like recordings from classes. In fact, they are recordings from classes.

I’m pretty sure there’s something else, but it seems to evade me at the moment.

Oh, right.