in midnight rambling

the burcak story /1/ the car and I

running time: 8:19
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part one

let me tell you what happened to me the other night. nothing big, mind you. it was just one of those nights that makes you think there’s someone up there stringing us along and having a hell of a time watching it all. that’s how I felt anyway.
it was a thursday. I’d just finished teaching and got back home on my bike. it was almost eight and I had to be back in town by nine to play hockey with friends. I usually ride a bike to town but not when it’s dark. I took the car instead even though I knew this was asking for trouble. we’ve only had the car for a few weeks and although I do have a driver’s license, I didn’t drive for about seven years until very recently. I didn’t because for a long time my wife and I had no car and whenever we borrowed my parents’ car (the one we have now is actually my parents’ old car, as they have bought a new one recently and let us have the old one), I was happy to sit in the passenger seat commenting on my dear wife’s driving skills.

words you may not be familiar with
the other night – onehdá večer
…, mind you – zde: abysme si rozuměli
string sb along – vodit za nos, tahat za nitky
have a hell of a time – zde: fantasticky se bavit
anyway – zde: teda aspoň
by nine – do deváté (nejpozději v devět)
ask for trouble – říkat si o problémy
passenger seat – sedadlo spolujezdce
driving skills – řidičské schopnosti


part two

anyway, this particular night the car was the only way for me to go. funny thing was, I knew very well I was only going to make a fool of myself. I was about to play a game I don’t really care for at a time when I’m exhausted and wishing I was in bed and I was going to use a means of transport I haven’t really warmed up to yet. also, I was supposed to pick up a fellow player on the way.
when I set off I checked my watch and noted that I was making pretty good time. all seemed perfect. about halfway through the journey (that is, about four minutes into it), while I was passing through one of the villages on the way I was signaled to pull over by a police car. I’d never been stopped by the police so I almost ran them over, frantically trying to bring the car to a halt.

words you may not be familiar with
this particular night – zrovna tenhle večer
I don’t really care for… – …mě moc nebere
exhausted – vyčerpaný
warm up to st – k něčemu si najít pozitivní vztah
a fellow player – spoluhráč (jiný hráč)
set off – vyrazit (na cestu)
check one’s watch – podívat se na hodinky
make good time – stíhat, jet podle plánu
halfway through the journey – v polovině cesty
that is, … – teda… (neboli jinými slovy, respektive)
four minutes into the journey – čtyři minuty po začátku cesty
pass through – projíždět
pull over – zajet ke kraji a zastavit auto
run sb over – přejet někoho
frantically – zběsile, zoufale
bring the car to a halt – dosáhnout toho, aby se auto zastavilo

…to be continued, sadly