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dating /1/ great expectations



this is a young woman’s account of her experiences as someone who’s constantly looking for love and never quite seems to find it. it has all the vocabulary you’ll ever need to describe your love life, unless you’ve had a very extraordinary one

account of – popis, zpráva o (něčem dějuplném)
unless – leda by, pokud ne
extraordinary – mimořádný


a travesty? you be the judge

My love life is a travesty. I’ve had a lot of relationships but none of them worked out, each finally failed for some reason or another. It’s not that I’m incapable of being in love. I fall in love as often as the next guy, but it always turns out to be the wrong kind of guys. Is it my fault or is everyone worth dating already taken? Let me give you my history and you be the judge.

travesty – fraška
work out – fungovat, dobře dopadnout
fail – nevyjít, neuspět
for some reason or another – z nějakého neznámého důvodu
be incapable of st – nebýt schopný něčeho
as … as the next guy – stejně jako kdokoli jiný
it turns out – ukáže se, vychází najevo (často se používá i pro děje v minulosti)
you be the judge – posuďte sami

tough choices

When I was eleven I had a huge crush on this guy I was going to school with. Unfortunately, so did all the other girls in our school. I came out empty-handed but later I was very happy to learn he was gay so none of the girls got him. The other boys at our school were pathetic. I don’t really go for jocks but that didn’t mean I was going to date a Bill Gates kind of nerd.

have a crush on sb – být zabouchnutý do
come out empty-handed – odejít s prázdnou
pathetic – ubohý, zoufalý
I don’t go for… – nezajímá mě, nebere mě
jocks – sportovci (typ studentů na střední škole, a case of matter over mind)
date sb – chodit s někým
nerd – šprt (typ studenta)

noel time

High school was a whole different story. I grew long hair and boys seemed to be crazy about it. I had lots of them courting me every day, asking me out but I was waiting for someone special to come along. That someone arrived in the person of Noel Speakeasy, a boy two years older than me. He had just split up with a girl I was friends with. We went steady for a year and we both had a great time.

a different story – něco úplně jiného
court sb – dvořit se, nadbíhat někomu
ask sb out – pozvat na schůzku
come along – objevit se, přijít (naskytnout se)
split up with – rozejít se s
go steady – chodit spolu oficiálně

… to be continued