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storyville (18) rabbit-like couple


here’s part eighteen of our STORYVILLE series. again, you’re expected to put interesting bits of idiomatic English (such as idioms, phrasal verbs or colloquial phrases) into the gaps.

NOTE: two __+__ gaps close to each other belong together, i.e. they represent only one gapfill (likely a multi-word one, such as ‘play st down’ or ‘keep sb posted’)

and here are the phrases that you’re supposed to use in the gaps, in no particular order, except maybe alphabetical:

and here are the phrases that you’re supposed to use in the gaps, in no particular order, except maybe alphabetical:

A BULLSHIT STORY … vymyšlený příběh (určený k oblbnutí posluchače)
DO THE TOWN … jít zapařit do města
DRIED-UP OLD BATS … vyschlé staré babky
GET SOME REST … odpočinout si, zadechnout
GET STARTED … pustit se do (práce)
YOU GOTTA HAND IT TO SB … ale musíš uznat, že je dobrý
HAUL ASS … tahat se někam, muset někam cestovat
HOLD ON TO ST … nezbavit se něčeho, nechat si něco
IT’S JUST THAT… … akorát že
KICK IN … zde: spustit se, rozjet se
LET UP … polevit
LIKE HELL … šíleně
LIKE NOBODY’S BUSINESS … šíleně, hrozně moc
NOT ONLY THAT, … … a nejen to, a navíc
PULL UP … přijet autem (někam) a zastavit
RUN INTO SB … narazit na, náhodou potkat
SHAKE ST UP … oživit (svou přítomností)
I SHOULD (ONLY) BE SO LUCKY … i za to bych byl rád, to by se mi líbilo, to bych bral
TAKE CARE OF BUSINESS … nenechat se ničím rozptylovat (a dělat svou práci)
THAT’S WHEN… … a právě v tu chvíli
THE COAST IS CLEAR … vzduch je čistý
THE LONG AND SHORT OF IT IS, … … zkráceně řečeno
THINGS … (těžko přeložitelné, plus mínus) situace, všechno


rabbit-like couple

intro … A young couple has moved into an apartment building. Peter and Rachel apparently get a kick out of presenting their lovelife for everyone to see and especially hear. Some of their neighbors are outraged while others–remembering their own youth–try to be more positive and understanding.
Peter and Rachel seem like a nice enough couple, and they always say hello when I _________ them in the lobby. I also understand that they need to express their love physically. _________ right now, I need to _________. It seems like every night, just as I finally start to drift off to sleep, the [sounds of lovemaking] _________ again. You _________ them, though: they _________. Once they _________, they don’t _________. But, like I say, young love is the most beautiful thing in all the world and the people who complain the most are _________ who _________.

If you’re a teacher of English, you may want to use the print-out version of this Storyville text in your classes. Then again, you may not.


weed on the porch

intro … Jim hasn’t been to work this week because of a sprained ankle. He suffered the injury while he was trying to retrieve a bag of marijuana from a porch where he’d accidentally dropped it earlier. Here’s what exactly happened and what effect it had on Jim’s life.
The guy kept looking at the bag of weed lying on the ground five feet away and he was growing suspicious. I figured the best thing I could do was say goodbye, get into the car, circle around the block a few times and then go back for the weed when _________. After driving around for about 15 minutes, I _________ to the house and made a break for it. I got up to the porch, grabbed the bag but on the way back I hit a squeaky floor board. I saw a shadow move inside the house. They must have heard me. I _________ that weed for dear life and jumped over the side of the porch. But my right foot got caught in a bush as I landed, and _________ I sprained my ankle. It hurt _________. I limped over to my car as fast as I could and _________ back to my workplace. Well, _________, I didn’t have to work for the rest of the night. (I gave ’em some _________ about how I slipped off a curb.) _________, I got some days off. So this Thanksgiving, I am thankful that I’m getting paid without working. I ain’t too thankful about the fact that I can’t get out and _________, though. _________ are getting pretty soft without someone like me to _____+____ them _____+____. But when I get back, I’ll be in rare form, ready to cut loose _________.